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My experience of ELSOM can be described as absolutely fantastic . I was and continue to be particularly impressed by the school’s innovative approach and commitment to music education .The teachers experience , dedication and skills are second to none! From my own experience I have continued to thrive at ELSOM and would recommend it to anyone wishing to acquire or enhance their musical abilities .

Many thanks
Date of Posting: 13 February 2016
Posted By: Petal
Having being tutored at ELSOM for some months, I have found the tutors to be adaptable to my pace of learning. Similarly, they have been sensitive to my style of learning which was an important attribute when I was looking for when I decided to take up learning an instrument.
Date of Posting: 27 November 2015
Posted By: Len Greer
I am one of the first students to enroll during this first year of ELSOM’s existence.

I am doing Voice and Singing lessons as well as continuing my theory and practical Intermediate Grade piano lessons.

The love of the sounds of notes on the piano and its playing has been an integral and beautiful part of my life from my childhood years. The ethos, discipline and structure of ELSOM as a School of Music, the interaction with fellow students, the enthusiasm and patience of the tutors will be beneficial to my intended progress and additional acquisition of Trinity College certificates.
Date of Posting: 22 November 2015
Posted By: DF
Joshua and Sarah Jane Okiya got great opportunity to explore and practice their musical prowess through dedicated and enthusiastic music teachers at ELSOM. They are currently playing violin, flute, saxophone, clarinet and piano.
Date of Posting: 24 June 2015
Posted By: Beautine

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