How do I join the school?
There is a registration form on our website, which you can fill out online. Once this is completed a member of our team will contact you to make an appointment.
I gave up learning my instrument years ago. Is it worth trying to learn again?
If you still have a passion for your instrument and are prepared to put in the time to practice, then it is definitely worth giving it another go.
What age do you start teaching from?
We have students as young as five years of age. Each new learner is assessed for their level of aptitude.
How long is each lesson?
All one-to-one practical sessions with your chosen instrument are 30 minutes. The theory and vocal sessions are in groups, and last one hour.
I’ve been trying to book piano lessons on the site, but Music Theory keeps getting added and I can’t remove it. Why is this?
Music Theory lessons are compulsory, as each student will need that knowledge in order to understand what is being taught during the instrumental lessons.
When are you open for teaching?
Our regular hours of teaching are from 10:00am every Sunday for the first four Sundays of every month. For months where there is a fifth Sunday, no teaching will be on that day. We are also planning further teaching times for evenings during the week, and this information will be available soon.
What opportunities are there with this school?
You will be taught by music professionals with years of experience. (See our tutor profiles for more information.) The school is also connected with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Hampstead Adventist Choral Society (HACS), and the HACS Millennium Orchestra. These organisations can provide you with opportunities to perform at various events, such as concerts, church services, festivals, and so on.
What happens if I am unable to arrive for a lesson?
Please keep in touch with us. Your tutor’s contact details are made available to you after your place within the school is confirmed. If you are experiencing any difficulties please let us know.
What are the payment options?
Although we accept cash, we prefer if all payments are made online, using one of these options:
  • Via our website, using PayPal, debit card or credit card
  • Via your online banking service, using a standing order or manual bank transfer
Can I register for more than one course?
If you have the time and motivation to practise and study, you most certainly can. You can, for example, study flute, voice and theory.
I think I’ve gone past the age of being able to learn. Have I missed that bus?
Absolutely not! Learning an instrument takes the same dedication regardless of age. Understandably, adults will have more responsibilities than children, but the time and effort will surely pay off.