The East London School of Music (ELSOM) was formed to provide affordable stimulating musical training platform of the highest standard to music students of all levels and all ages. We cater for ages from 5 years all the way to adult. Our relaxing and supportive environment allow Students and Tutors to flourish and work together to develop and enhance everyone's musical abilities, including composition and performance. We aim to ensure that children, young people and adults are given the opportunity to be creative whilst learning the proper way to play an instrument, become a singer and/or become composers in their own right.

At ELSOM we ensure that all students receive high quality classical music tuition. Our school is a non-profit musical organization, therefore you will not be paying huge amounts of money, we keep our fees low and affordable for anyone wanting to learn a musical skill. Our primary aim is to give students quality musical training that is both affordable and enjoyable.


Chike started singing as a Tenor at the age of 9 under the tutelage of Amorelle Inanga and Joshua Sarpong. At 16, Chike commenced singing lessons and soon became lead soloist in his choir.

Chike Chike-Michael Bass-Baritone Soloist & Professional Voice Trainer

Additional Info
  • Skills voice training, singing, performing, voice coach, experienced choir director
  • Social friends and church family

Fiona Dwanell Pacquette is the youngest of 3 children born to Leone R Pacquette and Jean Pacquette (now deceased). Her mother taught her how to play hymns before she started receiving piano tuition at Central Foundation Girls' School at 14 years old.

Fiona D Pacquette ELSOM Manager, Music Theory (Adults) and Piano Tutor

Additional Info
  • Skills piano, organ, flute, music composition, choir director
  • Social hanging out with close friends and spending time with family

José was born in Madrid, Spain, into a family of musicians. His grandfather was the conductor of the music band in the city of Nador. His father was a great professional saxophonist. He learnt music theory and the saxophone when he was 10 years old.

Jose Manuel Gil Flute, Sax & Recorder

Additional Info
  • Skills flute, sax, recorder
  • Social Loves music

From São Paulo, Brazil, Rebecca Köhler is a violinist currently studying at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire under Nathaniel Vallois.

Rebecca Köhler Violin

Additional Info
  • Skills violin teacher
  • Social chilling with friends and family on occasions

Roger likes to sit with musicians at a piano and get them excited about playing. It is this enthusiasm that he brings to ELSOM, along with his varied twenty-plus years of music industry experience

Roger Baptiste Piano & Music Theory (Under 18s)

Additional Info
  • Skills piano, theory
  • Social chilling with friends and family on occasions
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